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Melyssa Ford in Jamrock

Every aspiring urban model out there should read this interview with Melyssa Ford in the new issue of Jamrock. If nothing else, this girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to this business. Among the stand-out quotes:

[1]"A video vixen is kind of like a diva but a level below. It is a woman whose career commands respect, because she's worth it. So a vixen is a diva with her training wheels on..." [2] [On the show Candy Girls] "It's great TV, but the unrealistic part is the girls living in the house. A bunch of video models living in a house funded by this agency? Okay, let me know where the hell that happens!" [3] "I'm trying not to be part of the [Hollywood] machine but it's difficult not to feel like you have to conform in order to find another level of success so I am definitely here to tell every girl, if you are thinking that videos are going to be the springboard in helping you get a career in acting you have another thing coming. It's not going to happen, and if it does, well more power to you, because I couldn't figure it out."

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