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Marisa Elise - SHOW Magazine

So even though Suleika looks like she's gonna take it in the poll, I decided to post Marisa Elise for the time being because she's an interesting case study. I looked through her past pics and her Youtube videos and I see why she never really stood out to me before this. For one, her styling hasn't really optimized her appearance to date. She wore full back bikinis and swimsuits that made it look like she had no hip to waist ratio. (Hip to waist ratio is what urban modeling is all about) Marisa is one model where wearing a thong bikini really made the difference. Also, I wasn't feeling her hair styling prior to this SHOW shoot.

There's really only two or three pics out there of Marisa I'm feeling outside of the SHOW pics. This is a model who really has to tweak her styling to get it just right, but she clearly has a lot of potential. Attribution: SHOWExclusive.


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